And the Educational Oscar goes to....

We're famous in Croatia today. There are articles about our achievement in the papers. As far as I know, we're the first school in Croatia to be recognized with the Edublog Award, so that's why it is called the Educational Oscar.


LLJB said…
Dear Arjana

Many congratulations on your very well deserved Best Educational Wiki Edublog Award!! You have worked very hard and your award is fantastic recognition of your amazing achievement.

Well done!!

Many best wishes

You've created a WOW...

Congratulations, Arjana! Great work, great reward!

I'm new to wikis myself, just learning how to use them and hoping to get better every day!

Best wishes,

Tamas Lorincz said…
Fantastic news, Arjana!
Congratulations. It's nice to see that you've made it into the old media as well as taken the new by storm.

arjana said…
Thank you so much,
it still feels like a dream. This award means the world to me and my students. We'll keep going on with the project and if you and your students want to join us please do so.

I firmly believe that Twitter and my valuable PLN made this project possible. Thank you guys! This award is yours too:-)
monika hardy said…
funny - it means the world to you - as you are bringing the world together... i love it.

tickled absolutely pink for you...