Typeform - a nice tool for surveys, forms and quizzes

Jan 3, 2017

On my Croatian blog The Fellowship of Twitter, I write about new tools that can be used in the classroom. Today I wrote about Typeform, a very nice, user-friendly and intuitive tools for creating forms, surveys and quizzes, but as  Wordpress.com is very restrictive regarding embeds, I embedded my sample Typeform here. You can read my post about Typeform here.

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Rediscovering Dalmatia - Split

Sep 14, 2016

Split, the largest city in Dalmatia, was founded in the 3rd century when Diocletian, a Roman Emperor built himself a villa in Spalathos. 
More about Split and its history here: www.visitsplit.com/en

(Re)Discovering Dalmatia - Korcula

Sep 13, 2016

Korcula is a medieval city surrounded with walls and situated on the eponymous island in Southern Adriatic. The streets of Korcula  resemble a fish bone: a main street with 26 side streets. The eastern streets are slightly curved, the western ones run straight, and the reason is - the breeze: during hot summer  days the streets provide an escape from the boiling hot weather, while in winter the city is protected from strong winds.  The streets are very narrow and all but one, are in fact stairways. The one that isn't is called Philisophers Street because you can safely walk up and down and be lost in your thoughts and dreams, without having to watch your step. 

Marco Polo was born in one of the stone houses here in Korcula. Yes, really!

A fun fact: There's more wine than water on the island.

If you want to learn more about Korcula visit this excellent blog: http://www.ikorculainfo.com/

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