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Bombay TV

Bombay TV is a fun site where students can add subtitles or their own voice to video clips from Bollywood movies. I wanted to use it in the classroom ever since Russell Stannard first tweeted about it and showed us how to make a Bollywood movie on his fantastic site Teacher Training Videos.

I introduced it to my students last week:

These are the clips they made:



It's Worth Taking a Look at this Blog

I like being tagged. It makes me feel I belong. Today I was linked into the It's Worth Taking a Look at this Blog project and I'm flattered to be part of this fab community of blogging teachers.

I was tagged by Janet Bianchini, who I admire greatly and whose ashcloud motorbike adventure I followed with great interest.

Now my task is to insert the above picture into my blog with a link to the blog where I was nominated, compile a list of ten blogs that I find worth reading and tell the bloggers about their award. What a pleasant task, indeed!

So take a look at these fabulous blogs:
you blog by Monika Hardy
The PLN Staff Lounge by Sue Lyon-Jones by Jamie Keddie
Life Long Learning by Valentina Dodge
Technology Tidbits, Thoughts of a Cyber Hero by David Kapuler
Webb's Wide World by Jan Webb
The Spelling Blog by Johanna Stirling
David Rogers: Geography. Learning. Teaching by David Rogers
Netend by Marta Mrozik
Turkish TEFL by Nick Jaworski

You can find more fabulous blogs on

Earth day and what we did

Here are just a few zimmer twins videos created yesterday. Oh, what fun it was! I'll write more about it soon (sounds familiar, doesn't it? Ken? Karenne?)
Anyway, have fun with the stories below and don't be harsh on their mistakes...

Earth Day or what I'm gonna do?

I pledged to go paperless on Thursday. I told my students not to bring books to their English class. I signed up for the IT lab on time - and the room is mine for the whole day! I have a PLN. And I'm ready for my first ever paperless day. This is how we're going to celebrate the Earth Day.


After a brief discussion on why we celebrate the Earth Day, students follow this link and do the What's your Earth Day IQ?


A reading exercise on the Earth Day by ESL Holiday Lessons: Earth Day.

Two video listening quizzes: Sustainable energy projects in Africa and Sustainable Fishing in Bali by Free English Lessons Online.

Practice: What can I do? Students make a Zimmertwins movie.

Peer evaluation (informal) and reflection.

Who dares to teach must never cease to learn

How not to be a shy presenter

The very thought of me giving a presentation to an audience sends shivers down my spine. I've been a teacher for many many years, but standing in front of an audience has always made me feel ill at ease. Before Twitter I rarely got the opportunity to share my experiences/knowledge/vision with other teachers. Today things have changed and I readily accept every invitation, in spite of the butterflies that appear at the first mention of a possible presentation or talk.

Today I came across a post called The Shy Presenter by Sacha Chua giving tips on overcoming the uneasiness before and during public speaking.

Make eye contact. Don’t stare. Imagine your audience naked. Don’t read the slides. Watch others for inspiration. Practise. Practise. Practise.

Naked? Isn't that hilarious? But why not give it a try and see if it works? Can it really boost my confidence?