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Why I like TeachMeets

Ewan McIntosh is my hero! He is the inventor of TeachMeet. Yes, inventor is the right word, because TeachMeet is an ingenious invention, it's a life-changing experience. Those who have never taken part in one won't understand what I'm talking about; those who have are most probably hooked for life.

The reason why TeachMeets have taken the educational world by storm is actually quite simple: They give ordinary teachers the opportunity to speak, to present, to share and to connect with other like-minded teachers.

TeachMeets are organized all over he world. On Friday  the world record was broken at the Sydney TeachMeet - more than 330 particpants gathered to listen to 40 speakers - Ewan McIntosh was also there - and so was I - even though my presentation was a virtual one, via Skype, I could feel the extraordinary atmosphere at the ATP Eveleigh event, which Simon Crooke described so wonderfully in his blog post  4 Pubs and a Bar: A TeachMeet Tale.

On Saturday we organized th…

A trip round the world

This morning I went to Sydney! Only virtually, though, but still it was an amazing experience as I had a wonderful opportunity to give a presentation on StudentsMeet at a live TeachMeet. There were more than 300 participants, around 40 presenters and lots of enthusiasm and passion.

Tomorrow morning, another TeachMeet is going to take place - this one will be held online. 33 presenters from 20 countries have signed up.They're going to talk about the projects they carried out, the ideas that worked, the web tools they used . They too want to share their enthusiasm and passion.

They come from 20 countries from across the world.

Join us on this virtual trip around the world and get inspired and motivated by inspiring teachers who dare to teach differently. They're just a click away .