To travelblog or to edublog

Aug 24, 2009

Travelers don’t teach, teachers don’t travel, right? No, absolutely not! Take this blog's name, for instance. Traveloteacher. I invented it because I wanted to write not only about my own travels, but also about school exchanges and projects I organize with my students. But, to be honest, my blog has always been more about traveling, and much less about teaching.

Then suddenly and for a reason as silly as following Ashton Kutcher, Twitter became a site I couldn't do without, although not before I got to know some amazing people from the ELT world, most of whom write brilliant edublogs and who have all contributed to my professional development as a teacher. I've been teaching for 23 years, and although I've been trying really hard to use new technologies for almost 13 years, I'm still a newbie, a digital immigrant in the e-world.

Some of these blogs that I've been following ever since, are a real eye-opener, and have made me contemplate the idea about starting my own edublog, where I could share my experiences as a language teacher and write about the problems both teachers and students in my country face, or perhaps about a completely new project I’m about to launch with two of my fellow teachers this September.

But right now I'm unable to make a decision whether to write two blogs at the same time, one travelblog and one edublog, or only one, the Traveloteacher blog that has been in existence for almost three years. As to the former, how will I manage to maintain two blogs at the same time? Being a blogger is enormously time-consuming and addictive if you want your posts to be well-written and of course, well-visited.

As to the latter, wouldn't this switch from travelblogging to edublogging be too sharp, too sudden, too abrupt?

There’s also the option of letting my travelblog go – however, I'm not willing to do this. As I've read somewhere, blogs are like your babies, they simply grow on you and you just can’t abandon them so easily.

I could have one two-page blog, but I'm not sure if this is possible on Blogger. As a matter of fact, this seems a very good option. I might give it a try.

Then again, who needs just another edublog?
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