21st Century Skills

As the school year is getting to its end, I've been thinking about how my teaching has changed over the past year or years. Not much, I regret to say! I preach 21st century teaching and learning, but when it comes to applying it in the classroom, it just doesn't seem to work in the way I want it to work. Maybe I'm too harsh on myself, but I feel that there's a missing link between the theory and (my) practice.

So much has been written about the 21th C skills and as usual, I feel kind of lost in it. That's why I made a Pinterest board and now I'm pinning all the relevant websites to it so that they're at hand. I'm going to delve more deeply into them over the forthcoming holidays and hopefully be ready to roll in September.


sinikka said…
You took the words right out of my mouth. I've been feeling such like you for some time now. In theory, I know in which direction education should be moving but when it comes to the reality in my classroom, the demands of traditional routines come in the way. Thank you for sharing your Pinterest board! I'm doing some serious rethinking of my practises this summer so it will be really useful to go through your pins. Wishing you a good summer!
Arjana said…
Hi Sinikka,
thanks for dropping by. I'm so glad to hear that I'm not the only one who's feeling stuck in the 20th century teaching. I'm really looking forward to doing this research and I'd like to hear from your how yours went. Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your learning journey.