England Again

Great Britain - the decision was made quickly. With so many itchy feet in our household, it came as no surprise to our friends and family. The highlight of the trip was to be the football match between Scotland and Croatia in Glasgow - well, for the male travelers in our party. We, the ladies, decided to go shopping, since that is our favorite pastime activity.

But let me begin with our flight to London where the seven of us headed early on Easter morning. The flight was not full so we boarded the plane without any problems. To my boys' great delight, the coach of the Croatian national team was on the same flight together with his assistants. Of course, the autographs were asked for.

After landing in London we rented a Kia Sedona with seven seats. .
It's strange but the cars made for the European market are much smaller than the American ones. The trunk of our American seven-seater that we had rented in Georgia was almost double in size. Somehow we squeezed in the six suitcases and off we went towards Oxford

In no time we got lost. Instead of the M4N we took the M4S and found ourselves in Windsor. Since this is not America, we had to drive for quite a while until we reached an exit where we could turn. After that it was a piece of cake.

Oxford was cold but beautiful, it was slow and lazy on this bank holiday afternoon, with not too many people and not too much traffic. The Radcliffe Camera, The Bodleian Library, the Ashmolean Museum and Christ Church College seemed to be from another world. And they're, actually. Interestingly, the bell of Christ Church rings 101 times at 9:05 p.m. Why? When it was hung in 1648, there were 101 students at the college and it marked the curfew at 9:05, because they believed that night falls here five minutes later than at Greenwich.

Stratford-upon-Avon was our next stop. It's such a cute little town, but unfortunately, Shakespeare's birthplace closed half an hour before our arrival, so we only had a chance to buy some souvenirs. What a pity! I really wanted to see it.

Later that evening we stopped in Warrington for the night. The Express by Holiday Inn was neat and tidy, with polite staff, a good breakfast and at an affordable price.


Janet Bianchini said…
Hi Arjana

I came across this lovely post on my home city when I saw Oxford in your tag cloud! I am so glad you enjoyed Oxford, as it is a beautiful city with so many attractions.

Take care