Was it because of the Leprechauns?!?

Not in my wildest dreams would I be able to imagine what an ordeal was awaiting us on this trip to Ireland. Still, I'd go through it again since everything turned out fine in the end. We all came back home safe and sound, and that's what matters.

When the lady at the Lufthansa counter for the flight to Dublin said that there was absolutely no chance to board the morning flight, I wasn't disappointed at all, since I knew there were two more flights that day. After four hours, a feeling of uneasiness rose within me as we were told there were only six available seats and 11 people on the waiting list before us! In the end, we managed to get two seats, so again, it was quickly decided that Dominik and I were going to Dublin. Again, a quick and crazy exchange of passports, tickets, hotel reservations, cell phone chargers, suitcases, sterlings and euros. And yet again, I wasn't prepared for the split up, I still blame myself for not having a spare bag with the bare essentials for those staying behind. It was a replay of Atlanta, with me taking everything, leaving Zoran and Mislav with nothing but a comb, a hairbrush, a mascara, an eyeshadow compact with applicator and cleaning pads - the absolute necessities for two guys! I even took Zoran's high blood pressure pills with me.

Anyway, the two of us arrived safely in Dublin, took a bus to Belfast,checked in at the hotel and we pretty much did what we had planned. Actually, we took all the luck from the rest of our party, who were later told they didn't have to wait for the third flight since it was overbooked and they would stand absolutely no chance to board it. However, Zoran had a contingency plan: fly to Manchester and take the train to Holyhead, Wales and the ferry to Dublin. Unfortunately, this flight was fully booked, too. Which was no problem for Zoran, who had a plan B - fly to London and yes, after hauling and tugging about exchanging air tickets, after leaving the laptop with the immigration officers and proving that it was his, they managed to arrive in London in time to be taken to Euston Station by taxi and to get on the train to Holyhead. But alas, Sanja and Mladen's suitcases were lost somewhere on the way, so they had to wait for another flight from Frankfurt.