The Kylemore Abbey

After three-ish hours we arrived in Co. Galway. Our GPS brought us to our destination - which was a nice row of terraced houses, but absolutely unlike the photos of our B&B from the web. However, it didn't take us long to find it eventually. Although well-hidden from accidental tourists, the Portara Fishing Lodge is a cosy guesthouse, run by a friendly couple, Michael and Maire.

We immediately set out to explore the Connemara Region. Being given the maps by Michael, we easily found one of the most beautiful places in Connemara: The Kylemore Abbey. Imagine our disappointment when we got there and found the gates closed, since it was after 5 p.m. As Zoran was about to head backwards, the van went a bit forwards, and the gate started to open. We were just sitting there, unable to believe our eyes, feeling suddenly that the luck was on our side, again. Of course, it had to do with the automatic gate, not with luck, but still, it made us jump with joy.

As the gate remained open, the parking place soon filled with cars, but there were not too many tourists, and we all enjoyed the tranquility of the place. We didn't go inside, we didn't see the walled gardens, since everything was closed, but we tremendoulsy enjoyed the visit.