The craic was mighty in Killarney

Having the craic was a must, or actually, to find out what this strange word really means. So it was in Killarney, a touristy town in the south, that we went on a pub crawl. So to speak. The problem was that we had our two kids in tow. Under 18's are absolutely not allowed in pubs. It wasn't a big deal for my older son who was only four months shy of his 18th birthday, but the younger, who's 14, just couldn't pass as a grown-up.

And we simply didn't want to leave him alone in the hotel room. No one wanted to babysit him. We all wanted to have the craic. So we put a baseball cap on his head, and told him not to look people in the eye. OMG; as I'm writing this, I'm thinking what despicable, lousy parents we are!!!! So if anyone, anywhere is reading this, please leave a comment, and tell me what we did was just what all the other parents would do in this situation. Or tell me we should be sued. In which case I'll delete this entry.

Anyway, we did it, our clandestine operation wasn't revealed and we weren't thrown out. We ended up in a pub that catered to pensioners, mostly, who, you wouldn't believe it, wanted to be on the stage and sing. And they did sing, as a matter of fact, they sang quite well. The whole pub was singing along, with pints being pulled incessantly. It was fun, and yes, the craic was mighty.


Natasa said…
Arjana, that craic does look mighty. Look, I was eleven when my parents took me to a night bar in what was then Leningrad. And a guy asked me to dance, but I was too shy, so I refused. But I did try some champagne.
I love your blog, you are a great writer.
arjana said…
Welcome to my blog, Natasa, and thank you for your comment. It's good to hear there are other parents who do crazy things for their kids. I read somewhere that it's not how many years in life you have, it's how much life you have in your years.