Dublin Airport Sleepover

Here are the reasons why we, a decent, law abiding family of four, decided to sleep at Dublin Airport.

  • The first Lufthansa flight from Dublin was scheduled very early in the morning, with the check in starting at 5. This meant we had to get up at 4.
  • The four of us exceeded the capacity of the rooms in most of the hotels in the airport area (children stop being children at the age of twelve in European hotels!) so we were supposed to book two rooms at a price that definitely exceeded the money we were willing to spend for such a short stay.
  • There might be other people sleeping at the airport so we won't be standing out.
  • If we get arrested, we'll sheepishly apologise and promise not to do that ever again, after which they might let us go find a room, well, two rooms in the nearest hotel.

But it turned out to be an awesome experience, which we shared with people of all ages from different parts of the world. We ended up at a Starbucks on the third floor, where there are large armchairs that can be joined together to make a comfy bed. Starbucks is open all night long, except between 2 and 3 am.

While my kids and hubbie were sleeping, I was keeping the night watch, sipping a frapucino and reading New Moon. We weren't disturbed by anyone, but by:

  • the cleaning ladies at about midnight, when we had to get up and let them do the cleaning. However, the waitress who told us to move was so polite that she even apologised for disturbing us.
  • the announcement about the unattended luggage that went on every hour.

The most pleasing moment, however, was to hear there were seats available on the flight for all of us, and we made it home safely.