My Magic Wand a.k.a Web 2.0

This is my first glog! I created it to show my students the exciting possibilities of web 2.0 technologies. It's an amazing tool so I'm going to use it with my class, as of tomorrow morning.

I learned about Glogster from tweets by my PLN and my special thanks go to @ShellTerrell, @vale24 and @cristama who provided valuable links to this brilliant site and also to @NikPeachey for his comprehensive manual on Web 2.0 tools and @josepicardo for his remarkable Box of Tricks.


Valentina said…
Super, nice to see colour and creativity and personal paths!
Go glogster, enjoy glogs, let us know how the learners respond.
It can be addictive, the edu accounts are really helpful, especially if you manually change the passwords.
Crista Anderson said…
What a great first Glog! Thanks for sharing. I'm having so much fun playing with it too. I echo Valentina's comment about the edu accounts. I had regular Glogster account initially, emailed them asking if they could transfer membership into edu. They did it within a day. That did mean 22 accounts with long jibberish passwords, but it didn't take long to edit them.
I sent the email to: Good luck with your Web 2.0 journey!
Crista (cristama)
arjana said…
Hi Valentina and Crista and thank you for your comments and tips. I really enjoyed creating my glogster and I'm planning to use this tool with my students. I'm thinking about collaborating with students (and teachers) from all over the world. This is still just an idea, but I'll give it a try:-). With twitter everything's easy, isn't it?