My Birthday Presents

Less than an hour ago, Shelly Terrell published my post on her blog as part of the series Investigating International Edtech Issues, called Sweet High-Tech Dreams. Shelly told me that I write just like a professional native speaker . Then within minutes the link got retweeted on twitter by Jason Renshaw, who left a comment saying excellent article, extremely well-written and illuminating.

Today is my birthday and these two comments are a wonderful present. Thank you Shelly and Jason!

I like writing but sometimes it is a long and difficult process. I'm a slow writer. Maybe because I'm a perfectionist. I don't know what's wrong, I just know that something is not right. I'm simply not satisfied with it. I struggle with words, I fight with my feelings, I contend for my thoughts. Then suddenly I can feel it and I know this is what I was looking for. However, after it's finished, I'm sure that I've given my best, but still have doubts and think that nobody will like it. That's why I appreciate all the comments. Yes, comments keep me writing.

So here's a birthday cake for all of you who did or didn't post a comment.
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Chiew said…
Happy Birthday, Arjana! I share the same sentiments about writing. Thanks for following my blog - I hope you'll find interesting ideas you could use with your students.
arjana said…
Thank you too, your blog is truly inspirational, thanks for sharing.