Oh the indecision!

I'd given a lot of thought to travelblogging vs. edublogging and eventually I reached a decision to blog on two fronts: keep writing my travelogue and create a brand new educational blog. Unfortunately, this got me into another predicament: choosing a perfect name for my new blog. Different names kept popping into my head, such as A life in the day of a ..... teacher, Getting there, The smiling teacher, The happy teacher, etc. but Google ruthlessly showed me that all the best names had already been taken.

Suddenly it occurred to me that Traveloteacher would be a perfect name for my edublog, not only because it is such a splendid, cool, unique, already well-known, ....(you name it...) blog name, but also because it shows who I am - both a teacher and a traveler. On the other hand, is it really of the utmost importance for your blog to have a catchy name?

What's in a name? That which we call an edublog
By any other name would inspire as profoundly.

So I created a new traveloteacher blog on Edublogs and I struggled one whole day with changing the password. I believe the people at edublogs must have thought I was round the bend after my seventh Forgot your password? message. And I still haven't managed to change it. Just to boost my self-confidence, I wrote a post for the traveloteacher on blogger. And I realized that I'm perfectly able to maintain only one blog.

But what is your say?


Sue Waters said…
Hi Arjana, sorry you are having trouble with your Edublogs password. Would you like my assistance with it?
arjana said…
Thanks for dropping by, Sue; I'd really appreciate your help.