Going virtual

When @shellterrell tweeted about glogster, I immediately set up a glogster project called Greetings from the world. @monk51295 showed me her voicethread presentation for the district people and it didn't take me long to start my own voicethread for teaching Croatian. @chickensaltash blogged about Dvolver and soon movie making was the new game in my classroom. I don't remember who first tweeted about wallwisher, but, yes, I have one of these too. I took part at the Pecha Kucha night last week and my students already know how to avoid death by PowerPoint.

But the PK night made an even deeper impact on me. Ever since then I've been dreaming about Adobe Connect Pro Meeting and its use in the classroom.

And guess what! Today, only ten days after I first heard about this Adobe application, I have a virtual room scheduled on the Croatian Academic and Research Network site. CARNet implemented this video conferencing software so that we, teachers and students can use it in order to enhance teaching and learning. With no extra charge. Dear people at CARNet, we're lucky to have you!

However, it takes at least two for a video conference, and luckily, our collaboration partners from Colorado invited us to their Thanksgiving party, which will be thrown in their school on Tuesday. Because of the time difference, we will be attending it from our homes.

Now I'm not tech savvy and I don't know if it is going to work, but at least I know that I have given it a try and that's what makes it so exciting.


It's amazing to see how we can learn from and about each other. Your glogster project is great and your enthusiasm is very motivating.Thanks for sharing this enthusiasm with us.
Shelly Terrell said…
I have really enjoyed reading how Monika and you have connected your classes & the students have developed relationships as well as benefited in other ways! You both are truly inspiring!
monika hardy said…
wow - that first paragraph - you are all over it dear. so glad we have joined forces. looking forward to all the messes ahead. love you.
arjana said…
Thank you lots for your comments, girls. You're so supportive and helpful. I'm lucky to have you as friends:-)