My Ning, Your Ning

Whenever I start a new project with my students I have great, usually unrealistic expectations. It wasn't any different this September when I opened up a Ning site for my students. But life works in mysterious ways. Not in my wildest dreams could I imagine what my Ning will turn into.

It took only one tweet to set the things in motion:

@monk51295 read your post - we're experiencing the same with our class ning... i'm in colorado, usa, math, we should colab... :) #unboxed

This is what it looked like at that time:

Two schools on two continents, two classes eager to collaborate, two teachers keen on using web 2.0 tools in class.

This is what we have today:

One online class, one Ning for math, one Ning for English, one voicethread for Croatian, one project for learning to respect and to understand, one (better) world.

And there's more to come, brilliant plans are afoot. The students have so many ideas, and we just need to hear what they want to say.


Ann Lusch said…
Exciting and inspiring!
LLJB said…
Wow! What a fabulous project achieved in so little time. Many congratulations to everyone involved from both continents!
I wish I could have a look at your students' ning!!!!
monika hardy said…
colorado ning:

croatia ning: