Pecha Kucha

This twitter thing is absolutely amazing. Not only do you learn about various new tools that can be used in the classroom, but you also get invited to join webinars, online conferences and virtual round table discussions.

Yesterday, I jumped at the opportunity to join my first Pecha Kucha night, held in a virtual classroom on The Virtual Round Table site, where over the past two days the first virtual conference on language learning with technology took place. The conference was coordinated by Heike Philp from Lancelot school, and the Pecha Kucha was moderated by Shelly Terrell.

I first heard about Pecha Kucha, when some teachers from my PLN tweeted about it as preparation for the TESOL France conference. Then I saw the recordings on Shelly's YouTube channel. The presenters were fabulous, just like the ones I saw yesterday. It was a fantastic experience, thanks to the brilliant presenters sharing 20 slides in 6 minutes and 40 seconds each.

I liked it so much that I immediately started wondering if my class could do something similar with Monika's web class, as part of our collaboration project. It would be a great way to connect the kids visually in real time.

What do you think? Can (only extra)ordinary teachers create such an extraordinary event for their students?


sinikka said…
Hi Arjana

I totally share your sentiments about yesterday's Pecha Kucha night, since I attended it, too. It was amazing to hear and see all those people in different parts of the world present live on my computer screen!

I also started to think about trying Pecha Kucha with my students. They would probably find it quite scary and challenging in a foreign language, but why not strech them a little bit.

I'm sure you will be able organise it with yours. Just go for it, and remember to blog when you do!
Hi Arjana,

It's a great speaking activity and at my school we have been trying it out with great success.

The student motivation is amazing!

You can begin with 3 minute ones and work up to the 6.40 PK but they are certainly worth a try!

Here is a blog post I wrote on the same topic in July if interested!