Edublog Awards 2009

My nominations for Edublog Awards 2009:

Best individual blog: Teacher Reboot Camp by Shelly Terrell

Best individual tweeter @shellterrell

Best group blog: Macmillan Dictionary

Best new blog: Ken Wilson's Blog

Best resource sharing blog: Esolcourses by Sue Lyon Jones

Most influential blog post: Thnx 4 ur RTs by Karenne Sylvester

Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion: #edchat

Best teacher blog: Kalinago English by Karenne Sylvester

Best educational tech support blog: The Box of Tricks by Jose Picardo

Best educational use of audio: Breaking News English by Sean Banville

Best educational use of video / visual: Teacher Training Videos by Russell Stannard

Best educational wiki: Ktitraci by Traci Blazoski

Best educational use of a social networking service: talk.ed by Monika Hardy

Best educational use of a virtual world: Virtual Round Table Conference by Heike Philp


Shelly Terrell said…
Thanks Arjana!

You introduced me to some different resources as well! I had never heard seen Monika's ning. I'm so excited by the progress you are making with your students. I love reading about your collaboration with Monika's class!
Hi Arjana,

When I saw your wiki was nominated, I also thrilled. Your project is great, I like it.To be a part of it is great.Your wiki project inspired me and I started one....
Yes this is how things progress here. One little flame then a huge fire.
I agree with you, we need this. We need people to support us,to motivate us as we can't keep motivating ourselves all the time. We need them say 'yes you are on the right track'.
I've found the real support here, in blogesphere and You are one of them.With all my heart, I want you to be the winner. Moreover, I want to collaborate with you, share ideas, do projects and learn to become better...

Eva Büyüksimkeşyan