I need this

I've just read a post about a blogger who is going to decline his nomination for the Best Individual blog 2009 because he knows the worth of his work and his readers' daily comments and reading are affirmation enough.

I guess it takes all kinds to make a world. I'm the complete opposite. I don't know what I'm worth. I'm an ordinary teacher teaching ordinary students. I need nominations to show me which way to go. I deeply appreciate it when my colleagues tell me I'm doing my job well.

I cried when I saw the nomination for my wiki. I immediately tweeted about it, published it in my Facebook status, wrote a blog post, sent emails to all my contacts and called my friends.

The ICT teacher from my school linked the voting page to the school website and the head teacher informed all the Croatian educational institutions and all the newspapers and Internet portals about this nomination. On Monday, reporters are coming to my school to interview my students. We have received much kudos. I need this.

One of the reason why everybody is so excited about this nomination is that there haven't been any nominees or winners from Croatia yet, as far as I know.

This morning the head teacher attended an awards ceremony (it's this time of the year) at the Institute of Public Health because our students won the awards for the best poster and slogan in the "School Without Drugs" campaign. She was sitting there with the students waiting to be called to the stage to receive the award when all of a sudden the ceremony host invited the audience to vote for the outstanding wiki Greetings from the World created by students from IX. gimnazija and their teacher Arjana Blazic. She called me immediately to share her excitement. I need this.

I won't be disappointed if we don't win, because to me, this nomination is my Oscar. The ultimate proof that ordinary teachers and their ordinary students can do extraordinary things extraordinarily well. I need this.


Gavin Dudeney said…

Anyone who has their work recognised should be proud of that, for sure. A nomination for any award is an affirmation of dedication and hard work and that's a very good thing. It brings respect to the work you do and to the institution you represent, etc. Good luck!

As for the person turning down the nomination, I think that's also fine - if they're happy with what they do and happy to be where they are with whatever recognition they already have, then that's great.

At the end of the day, whether one accepts the nomination or not, wins or not, it doesn't really matter - what matters is, I suspect, the work you do with your learners and what they get out of it.

Fingers crossed for the award!

Betty C. said…
Just ran into your blog through Twitter and was wondering if you are involved in Erasmus, Leonardo or other European exchanges. That is a big part of my job and I haven't run into many tweets about that. Hope to be in touch through Twitter, I just started following you...
Hi Honey... I AM SO GLAD for you!!!

What a nice tweet to see in amongst some of the tweets this week and how wonderful to hear about the response from your school.

It is so not about winning - for me, the nominations are everything - it's the recognition and respect that peers show.

But still! hope you win!!!

We all like recognition, Arjana. If nothing else it means that someone besides our parents reads our posts once in awhile :)

It's also a way for us to know that we're doing something "right" and sometimes, in a profession with precious few kudos, recognition makes it easier for us to keep on with the work.

You should be proud of your accomplishments, both on your blog and on your wiki. As I update my blogroll, yours will be on the list. And, your wiki is the reason that I'm finally getting around to adding a wikis section to my sidebar!

Natasa said…
Congratulations, Arjana. Well deserved. I think I know how you feel because in our part of the world ICT is still a new thing. That's why I agree with you - this nomination is like an Oscar and not just for you, but for your students and your colleagues. And the support you are getting is wonderful. I had a look at your beautiful wiki and I do hope you win.
monika hardy said…
why don't i read your blogs more frequently...?

perhaps...if i had read this before you won... i wouldn't be so moved to tears just now.

makes the whole experience even more lovely.

to you dear.