The Fellowship of Twitter

One of the most influential Croatian computer magazines published an article about the failures and successes of 2009 in its December issue. Twitter, according to them, was a failure of the year. I freaked out when I saw it and didn't waste a second to write them a letter and teach them what twitter is about.

Can you imagine that they ran it in their January issue on the letters-to-the-editor page with the headline The Fellowship of Twitter. I mean, I'm just an ordinary language arts teacher, no one would say that I'm a computer geek, and my letter was published in a computer magazine?! How cool is that? And BTW, doesn't the title brilliantly depict the true essence of twitter?


monika hardy said…
hey - please get a link to your article and post it for us - tweet it for us....

way to go sweet.
arjana said…
Thanks, Monika:-)
It's in the paper edition, but I'll put it on my blog.
Don't worry about it, Arjana. Dragan and the crew from Bug magazine like to provoke people :)
arjana said…
Ivan, I don't mind, really:-) especially if what starts out as a provocation turns into a new edublog for tech savvy wannabes in Croatia!