My fave sites with free online tests for English language learners

Last September, two of my colleagues and I set up a website called mojamatura where we help students from all over the country to get ready for the recently introduced unified school-leaving exams. We offer online preparation for the English, Math and IT exams, but we have plans to include other school subjects as well.

In order to teach our digital natives how to use the Internet more efficiently, we follow these rules:

1) easily clickable exercises
2) there's an answer key.

My two colleagues write their own material, but I don't. Firstly, because I'm not a materials writer and I know how difficult and time-consuming it is. (Up to now I have written only one quiz about books and it took me ages to build it.) Secondly, there are so many brilliant English teachers who unselfishly publish their tests on their websites for the sake of English language learners worldwide.

This is my tribute to them:

First and foremost:
Free English Lessons Online not only because this brilliant site is run by my dear twitter friend Sue Lyon-Jones, but also because Sue's lessons are always up to date, be it about Barrack Obama or the Big Freeze in Britain.

2) Flo-Joe is an award-winning site with plenty of useful tests for Reading Comprehension, Use of English and Writing.

3) Exam English is a great site with lots of tests for different levels.

4) International House Budapest is a very well laid out site with plenty of different tasks.
Update: Unfortunately, there are no exercises on this site any more. They deleted all the pages with exercises. I wonder why:-(

5) Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab is an extensive resource for listening activities.


Dominic Cole said…
Obviously lots more out there and it probably wouldn't be appropriate to make this a general list of everyone's faves, but Splendid speaking is one of my must have sites.

It's not just updated daily, it also provides intelligent exercises. You get the phrase, you do the clicking thing. Then you get the phrase again in another way. Then it asks you to use it.

Surely, this is how vocab is really learnt - by intelligent recycling leading to usage. The problem with many/almost all language exercise sites on the net is that they are structured so that you use the word only once.

This one is worth sharing.
arjana said…
thanks a lot for your comment.
I didn't want to imply that these are the only sites worth a visit. Perhaps it would be a great idea to set up a wiki with a list of all the sites useful for English language learners.

Splendid Speaking is one of my faves too, did you know that it is a division of the above mentioned Flo-Joe, a site founded by Fiona Joseph and Peter Travis.
all the best
Dominic Cole said…
Yes, I took it as a list of faves and we obviously share the same tastes.

The wiki comment is an interesting one to me. It's how I started online: by cataloguing in a wiki my fave online IELTS resources.

In a way, it is still my favourite online venture. It seemed an entirely "correct" use of the medium. Then I hit a wall. I also wanted to tell people how to use the resources. A secondary problem being Wikis are not particularly Google friendly - fine if you're in a closed context, not much cop if you want to disseminate ideas more widely.

At that stage I moved over into blogland (with a blog/wiki/bliki interregnum) as that seemed a better medium for explaining how to use the resources, while still linking to the sites.

Then it was back to the drawing board again. The blog (on blogger) grew and grew and became too hard to navigate: where were the resources? So next stop was CMS on Wordpress - which as I look at it - seems more and more like my old Wiki. That's 18 months and at least 2 thousand man hours later.

I guess lists/posts like this are the practical answer along with Twitter of course.
info said…
Wow! Many thanks for including Flo-Joe Arjana. We'll soon be celebrating our 10th birthday (2000-2010) so this is a nice early birthday present! The other sites in your list are well worth a visit. I came across your number 1 site esolcourses the other day - a really fantastic resource!
Thanks to you too Dominic for your kind words about our sister site, Splendid Speaking.