Travel posts turned practice tests is quickly becoming a well-known site with 400 visitors a day. This might seem quite low compared to other educational sites, especially those that boast of having 3 million visitors a month, but we're proud of what we're doing for our students.

I divided the English pages of the website into sections for practising reading, writing, listening and the use of English. They all contain links to free interactive exercises written by teachers who I admire greatly for their willingness to share their knowledge with millions of students and teachers worldwide.

My students and I use these free sites on a regular basis, so I strongly felt I must give something in return. I'm not a materials writer, but I've written about 100 travel posts on this blog. Most of them are way too personal for a practice test, but I managed to create two Hotpotaoes exercises which are free to use.

So maybe this is the beginning of a beautiful carr... oh no, I don't dare to write the word...just let me finish with ....Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship beautiful giving (more) and taking (less).

Georgia's Antebellum Trail


Golly, Arjana - I didn't even recognize your blog! Looks fantastic :-) well done,

What great ideas, Arjana! I just been poking around, and really love what you're doing with your students here!