Berlin Video

This is a video about the Greetings from the world project that is officially representing Croatia at the Innovative Education Forum in Berlin from 23-25 March. Unofficially, however, it is a truly international project with participants - students and their teachers from Australia, Brazil, India, Portugal, Turkey, the UK and the USA.
Here's also a slideshow that I created for the Forum.


My compliment for your blog and videos included,I encourage you to photoblog


Even week another photo album

Greetings from Italy,

Vanja-F said…
Very inspiring,Arjana.I'm excited to give this a try. My students will enjoy while discovering the new tools.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing.
Arjana said…
Thanks Vanja!
It'd be great if you joined us with your students :-)
All the best
monika hardy said…
this is all so cool.
i miss you.