From tweet to meet

It was on Obama's Inauguration Day when I first heard about 140 characters and the little blue bird known as Twitter. Although I love trying out new things, Twitter didn't attract my attention. It wasn't until April 1 when I finally gave up and joined Twitter, but, I must admit, for a reason as silly as following Ashton Kutcher and Rob Luketich.

One day, and I'll never forget it, as it was the day of the tragic AirFrance plane crash, I stumbled upon @TheEngTeacher and I started to follow her. She has never followed me back, but it was thanks to her that I met @burcuakyol, @ShellTerrell and @kalinagoenglish, wonderful and inspiring teachers who helped me with my first steps on Twitter. My personal learning network has been growing ever since then and today I'm part of an amazing virtual staff room.

The connections I've made with teachers worldwide are so powerful that when we meet in person, I have a feeling I've known them for a long time. No wonder, because we have so much in common: friends, interests, enthusiasm and a strong desire to learn.


Vicky Loras said…
Hi Arjana!
Great post,reflecting everything I have felt these past three months - happy that I eventually decided to use Twitter (I wasn't against it, I just did not know what it had to offer). So, in December I started bulding my PLN and I have learned so much! I remember whom I followed first - @kenwilsonlondon (Ken Wilson),who followed me back soon after and I thank him very much! I also found a Twitter app that tells you who was the first to follow you - the first was @cheimi10 (Jamie Keddie) - thanks, Jamie!
And Twitter is also where I found you, Arjana!Hope to meet you in person soon!
Thank you very much!
Kindest regards,
Arjana said…
Hi Vicky,
thanks for your comment!
I'd love to meet you too! And I don't think this is impossible - as a matter of fact, we live so close to each other, dont' we?
All the best
Great post Arjana. I hope we will skype our clsses soon and moreover, we will meet in person. I very much believe that in the real world we will be great friends too.
Shelly Terrell said…

I am so grateful I met you! You are doing amazing things and you have a heart of gold that is overflowing with passion. Thank you for being part of my PLN.
Janet Bianchini said…
Hi Arjana

A lovely post which I enjoyed reading! I agree with you so much about expanding your PLN via Twitter as it's been the same for me. It's opened up such a huge universe out there with like-minded souls such as yourself!

Hope to meet you in person one day! Thank you for being a part of my PLN.
Arjana said…
The pleasure is all mine! Thank you for being part of my PLN!