How not to be a shy presenter

The very thought of me giving a presentation to an audience sends shivers down my spine. I've been a teacher for many many years, but standing in front of an audience has always made me feel ill at ease. Before Twitter I rarely got the opportunity to share my experiences/knowledge/vision with other teachers. Today things have changed and I readily accept every invitation, in spite of the butterflies that appear at the first mention of a possible presentation or talk.

Today I came across a post called The Shy Presenter by Sacha Chua giving tips on overcoming the uneasiness before and during public speaking.

Make eye contact. Don’t stare. Imagine your audience naked. Don’t read the slides. Watch others for inspiration. Practise. Practise. Practise.

Naked? Isn't that hilarious? But why not give it a try and see if it works? Can it really boost my confidence?


Sacha Chua said…
<laugh> You've quoted the stereotypical advice I make fun of in my talk. Other shy presenters like you might find this post on why conventional advice on learning public speaking sucks and how to really get started more useful. =) Figure out your what and your why! There's a 5-minute video of my talk, too.
Arjana said…
Hi Sacha,
thanks a lot for your comment and the link. Your post is really useful and insightful. I enjoyed reading it and hope my next presentation goes with less severe stage fright.