It's Worth Taking a Look at this Blog

I like being tagged. It makes me feel I belong. Today I was linked into the It's Worth Taking a Look at this Blog project and I'm flattered to be part of this fab community of blogging teachers.

I was tagged by Janet Bianchini, who I admire greatly and whose ashcloud motorbike adventure I followed with great interest.

Now my task is to insert the above picture into my blog with a link to the blog where I was nominated, compile a list of ten blogs that I find worth reading and tell the bloggers about their award. What a pleasant task, indeed!

So take a look at these fabulous blogs:
you blog by Monika Hardy
The PLN Staff Lounge by Sue Lyon-Jones by Jamie Keddie
Life Long Learning by Valentina Dodge
Technology Tidbits, Thoughts of a Cyber Hero by David Kapuler
Webb's Wide World by Jan Webb
The Spelling Blog by Johanna Stirling
David Rogers: Geography. Learning. Teaching by David Rogers
Netend by Marta Mrozik
Turkish TEFL by Nick Jaworski

You can find more fabulous blogs on Eva's blog. Eva is a dear friend of mine, whose blog is certainly worth following, but she's not on my list, simply because she was already tagged by Janet.


Janet Bianchini said…
Hi Arjana

Many thanks for compiling your list so quickly and it's great to read your fabulous list of blogs. There are a few I don't know at all, so I will definitely be having a look and finding out more about them.
Hi Arjana,
Thank you for the mention. You are a great support and I really enjoy reading your blog.
Jamie Keddie said…
Hello Arjana
I am honoured to be mentioned in your posting. Thank you very much
Hope all is well in Zagreb
Jamie :)
David said…
Arjana, thanks so much for mention my blog. I'm truly honored to be in such company. Keep up the great work!!
Mr Rogers said…
Hi Arjana,

Thank you for mentioning my blog and for the interesting list of blogs. Am writing a post in response now!

Very best wishes

Hi Arjana
How lovely to find my blog in your list! I'm so glad you find it useful.Looking forward to looking at others I don't know.
Nick Jaworski said…
I know I said thanks already by DM, but I wanted to say thanks again here for being included on your list. It really made me feel special.