60second Recap

My Google Reader brought me a very interesting post by Patrick McGrath from Teaching & Learning @ Mohonasen entitled Definitely Read This If You Teach High School English about a site that I think deserves to be bookmarked.

The site is called 60secondRecap and aims to make the great works of literature accessible, relevant, and, frankly, irresistible to today’s teens.

How, you may wonder, when today's teens spend most (or should I say all?) of their free (and should I say study?) time on their computers? Through 60 second videos! I think this is a wonderful way to bring the great works of literature a little bit closer to students, in a way they're familiar with. What's more, the videos are so brilliantly made that I dare hope they could motivate students to read 'real' books!

For now, there are about 30 novels and for each of them there are 6 - 10 videos. If you sign up you can request a recap of a novel of your own choice. Isn't that great?

There's also a splendid resource section with a glossary and video tips on how to write an essay that won't put your teacher to sleep.

Take a look at one of the videos about Wuthering Heights:


Sue Lyon-Jones said…
Love this site, Arjana!

Really cool interpretations pitched at just the right note for teens, though I also think the videos would be fun to use with adults, too.

Thanks for sharing :-))
Arjana said…
Hi Sue,
Glad you like the videos! I'm sure they can be used with adults too. It'd be great to hear how it went if you decide to do it in your classes :-)