Pub quiz

The teachers from my school recently discovered a fun way of hanging out and testing their knowledge at the same time. Last week we participated in The Ultimate Pub Quiz by Libris communications created by Peter Hopwood, a Brit living in Croatia. Pub quizzes are fairly new here, but they're becoming more and more popular. The prizes are absolutely awesome - a hot air balloon ride over Zagreb or rafting on the River Una. Peter is a fabulous quizmaster and the trivia questions reveal how much we (don't) know.

We knew
the name of Liverpool Airport
the names of three American states beginning with 'O'
and two American states that begin with 'North'
where the show Magnum is set
which of these (Vienna, Toronto and Brussels)(Rio, Prague, Marseilles) has the highest number of metro stations
when was Do they know is Christmas released
the name of the character played by Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop
who was the mayor of NYC in 2001
the names of the cities written on the Trotters' three-wheeled van
which FIFA World Cup tournament had the Naranjito mascot
the name of Alf's planet

We thought that
the name of the Italian Captain from Allo Allo was Bertollini,
the postman from Seinfeld was called Newton
Ivy's father from You Rang M'lord was Adam
but we were wrong.

To my husband's outright disbelief, we thought 40 teams qualified for the 2010 World Cup.

In the Phone a Friend round one minute was enough for my husband and sons to google what colour was Anna Karenina's bag when she threw herself under a train, and where ABBA started their 1977 tour.

We had no idea
what the capital of Ghana was
the name of the pub from Only Fools and Horses
Blackadder's first name
the name of the main child character from E.T.
we didn't put Robert De Niro's films (Showtime, Taxi Driver, Meet the Parents, Analyse This) in order from the oldest to the newest

and many many more...