Moving forwards

If a good beginning is half the battle, then I'm on the right track. It's still the early morning of 1/1/11, and I've already posted two comments to my virtual friends' blogs. Actually, I started writing comments last week, on the day I made my resolution and I really hope I'll keep it in 2011. Not so much because of the resolution itself, but because I know that commenting is the best way to connect and interact with like-minded teachers from all parts of the world. - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

So watch out for my name in the comment section of your posts, dear bloggers.
But not before Jan 10, because my travel bug has been bugging me for a while so next week I'll be trying to discover the secrets of the pyramids.


Janet Bianchini said…
Dear Arjana

My first comment of the new year is here on your blog, and I'd like to wish you a very happy 2011. I look forward to connecting with you online and hopefully face to face as well.

Have a fabulous time at the Pyramids! I was there in 1992 and I loved them. The Cairo Museum is also a must-see!

"Bakshish" will be a word that you will become very familiar with in Egypt. Have lots of fun!!

Arjana said…
Dear Janet,
thank you very much for your first comment of this year. I'd love to meet you in person in 2011. I'm sure that we can make everything happen only if we want it very much. And we do, don't we?

I have never been to Egypt so I'm looking forward to the trip very much. I'm planning a visit to the Cairo Museum too. I've already read a lot about "bakshish" and I got one dollar notes from the bank - so I think I'm ready for tipping :-)))
All the best
Natasa said…
That is a great resolution, Arjana. This is something I should definitely try to work on, so I'll add it to my list of resolutions as well.
Have a lovely time in Egypt!
Arbi said…
"Azizati" "Marjana",

Because you're planning a trip to Egypt, I took the liberty of using an Arabic greeting next to what could be a possible Arabic variation of your name. While in the land of the Pharaos , you will certainly hear that word which means " dear". "Marjana" is a commmon name in Arab countries. It means "coral" which is so precious to the Arabs.

Have a nice and safe trip in "Misr" - Egypt- and do please pass my best regards to the Sphinx ;-)

Arjana said…
Dear Natasa,
commenting is a great way to stay connected with other teachers, isn't it? I'm sure both of us will keep our NY's resolutions.
All the best
Arjana said…
Salaam Aleikum, Arbi:-)

Egypt was fantastic: the sights, the language, the people, even the bazaar sellers - one of them even asked me to stay with him! He told me he would take down all the stars from the sky for me if I wanted! Wasn't that sweet? I didn't stay, but I bought some nice things in his shop.

All the best
PS: The Spyhnx said hi:-)
carnett said…
You are absolutely right about leaving comments. I read so many and seldom comment in writing. There is so much to be learned from listening to the thoughts of others! Thanks for sharing!
Arjana said…
Dear Cheryl,
Just like you, I too read many blogs and I really love it. In my Google reader I have a huge list of great bloggers who post on a daily basis. And because I want to read all of them, I end up with having no time to write comments. But I'm slowly improving - and I hope that writing a comment a day will soon become a good habit of mine.
All the best