It's more than a game, it's your life!

It's more than a game, it's your life! is the motto of Safer Internet Day 2011 which will be taking place on February 8. Safer Internet Day is observed every year in countries around the world. It is coordinated by the Insafe Network, co-funded by the European Union. Its main golas are to promote safer and more responsible use of the Interent and mobile technology by children and teenagers and to raise awareness about online safety issues.

A wide range of activities, initiated by the Croatian Teachers Network, will be conducted in Croatian schools, with contests, workshops and webinars being some of them. I'm delighted to be able to take an active role in the event with a webinar in which I'm going to talk about how this important event is celebrated in other countries.

So that's why I'm asking your, dear PLN, to share your best practices with me and my audience of teachers and parents. How have you celebrated this event over the past years? What do you plan to do this year? What activities will your students be taking part in? What kind of resources are you planning to use? What ideas and tips would you like to share?
There might be borders between our countries, but there are none in our virtual world. Let's make this world a better and safer place for our kids.


Guido said…

congrats on yet another project!

I remember touching on the subject of internet safety with my teenage elementary students about a year ago. One of them went off and made this little animoto video at home.
The drawings are all his originals. I wish he had run the English past me before making his final version but he was so proud I only praised his initiative and artistic talent. The message is clear enough: Be safe.

You too. :-)

Best of luck,

Arjana said…
Hi Guido,
thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful video. The boy has shown how important it is to talk about online safety. I hope our students come up with great videos and posters as well. I'll be posting links to what they have done.
All the best
Arbi said…
Dear Marjana,
This is the first time I heard of Safer Internet Day.I don't think it has been observed in Moroccan schools before. The reason could be most of our schools and students are still "safe" from Internet;-) We are getting wired, but very S L O W L Y. However, I cannot deny the importance of internet safety and I'm considering introducing the very few wired students of mine to tips of safer navigation.

Below is a link to a book entitled SAFETY INTERNET ACTIVITIES". I hope you find activities you can use with your students.

Stay safe.
Arjana said…
Dear Arbi,
I hope that schools in Morroco will soon become wired so that you can access the Internet whenever you need it. And I'm sure you'll successfully cope with the issues of online safety.

I held my webinar on Tuesday and I think that it was a good one as I managed to find a lot of links to useful internet activities. I uploaded my presentation on Slideshare, but as it is in Croatian, I won't publish it on this blog. However, I'm planning to write a post on how to teach e-safety in EL classes - and I'm planning to do it really soon:-)

All the best
Hollis Strong said…
very nice post..Thanks for sharing this with us. But can you provide some more details aboutInternet Safety?
Arjana said…
Dear Hollis,
thanks for your comment. I have just blogged about E-safety in the EFL classroom. I hope you'll find some nice ideas and links there.
All the best