Embedded in EU

This year my students and I have started a new project with a school from Belgium. In the project, the students explore the world of widgets and "embeds", they collaborate and share what they have learned.

Their first task was to set up their blogs and create headers with images of the networks they are "embedded" in. In order to make posters for headers they used MS AutoCollage. The full version of Autocollage can be downloaded from the Partners in Learning website and it's absolutely free for educators.

Our students come from two different countries, but their networks seem to be so similar - almost all of them feel "embedded" in Facebook and YouTube. In the video below you can see how creative the students are. We are also holding a competition to choose the nicest header. Feel free to drop by and cast your vote.


Bart Verswijvel said…
Arjana said…
Glad you like it, Bart:-)
These banners are SO cool - all of them. I love the way learners can make a little collage of what's important to them. It gives a real feeling of identity and springboard for discussion. They'd be great to use at the beginning of a course. And of course it's perfect for your inter-school project. I'm definitely going to download MS AutoCollage and show it to my teachers.

Arjana said…
Dear Johanna,
thanks for your kind words. Our students enjoyed doing this activity as it was a nice and not very common way of introducing themselves to their peers. Autocollage is a really nice and user-friendly tool and I'm sure your teachers will love it.
All the best
Anonymous said…
Hi Arjana,

I have just found out about Glogster and I ran across you. I currently teach third grade and next year I will teach fourth grade math and science. I am in a HIGH poverty school but I am dedicated to giving my students the best education I can. Bottom line, how hard is it go succeed in the Glogster Ambassador program? I am sure you are busy so any reply would be awesome. Thanks, Ran.
Arjana said…
Hi Ran,
thanks a lot for your comment.
I'm sorry I didn't reply to you earlier, but I've just returned home from an ELT conference.

I don't think it will be difficult for you to become a glogster ambassador because you are such a dedicated teacher. I think you should go for it. I'll be glad to help you. You and your students are really welcome to join our wiki with glogs about their hometowns or Georgia or the US.
All the best
Anonymous said…
You are completely awesome! Thank you so much for your hard work and encouragement.