Volunteers and webinars

Have you ever wanted something so much that it almost hurt? No, nothing personal, but something for a greater good. And you knew that you could achieve it only with the help of a bunch of other people? And when those people responded with an enthusiasm and commitment that matched yours, did you feel that you could fly and touch the sky?

Well, I just did! Sonja, my friend and the co-cofunder of Moja matura and I came up with a terrific idea of organizing free webinars for school-leavers from all over the country. In the webinars, given by teachers who teach different subjects, students would be able to get all the necessary info on the upcoming school-leaving exams and also ask as many questions as they wanted. So all we had to do was to find a platform for free webinars and teachers who would be willing to present online - for free.

And we managed to do it! The Croatian MS Partners in Learning community kindly provided as many Live meeting rooms as we needed, eight teachers from IX. gimnazija (my school) and Medical school from VaraĹždin enthusiastically embraced this unique opportunity to share their knowledge not only with students from their schools, but with the students throughout the country.

So over the next week, eight teachers will give nine webinars covering 12 subjects for the national school-leaving exams. Now we just need the students.


When you say webinars, does that mean the students have to be online at a certain time, just like in school?
Can the lessons be accessed later if the student missed the alloted time?
Please keep us posted, this is such an interesting way to "catch" certain groups of young people!
Arjana said…
Hi Naomi,
thanks a lot for your interest.
You're right, students have to be online at a certain time - all our webinars will be held at 9.p.m. on weekdays.

The good thing is that the webinars will be recorded and available for downloading from our website. We also encourage students to ask questions before and during the webinars. All the answers will then be published on our website, so that the students who won't be able to make it, have the opportunity to listen to the recording or if they want they can print out all the info they need.

I'll keep you posted:-)

All the best
Anonymous said…
Super idea Arjana, I love it!

It is so wonderful how you have organised this initiative to help kids this year. I am sure they will love it!

Congratulations to you for yeat another fantastic idea and all the teachers!

Warmest regards,
Arjana said…
Dear Vicky,
thank you so much for your kind words and support. I'll soon write about the webinars and share my experience with you.
All the best