Top 50 in Redmond

I feel tremendously proud and deeply honoured to be among the top 5o innovative educators from around the world who have been selected to attend the Microsoft Partners in Learning Institue 2011 in Seattle next week.

During this activity-packed week we'll be learning how to improve our own teaching practices, how to effectively teach with technology, how to prepare our students for life in the 21st century and how to train other teachers to implement innovative teaching and learning practices.

I'm immensely looking forward to it - to seeing the teachers who I have already met in Berlin and Cape Town, to meeting f2f those teachers who I have known only vritually but for such a long time, to meeting others from around the globe who I haven't had the opportunity to talk to yet, to learning from them all and together with all of them, to lifelong learning, which I'm so pasionate about, to flying across the Atlantic with a dozen of innovative educators, to travelling..... yes, it's all that and more!


Peter Laszlo said…
Dear Arjana,

Sorry to be writing in a comment, but I couldn't find any other way to contact you.

I am the co-founder of, a free teaching material sharing site for language teachers.

I'd like to draw your attention to an initiative that I'm sure your readers would find very useful, and I'm kindly asking you to link to us/mention us on your

In return, I'm linking back to your site on

Here's a short summary of who we are: is hosting the Internet Second Language
Collective, a file-swapping community of ESL, FLE (French), ELE (Spanish)
and DAF (German) teachers sharing free, downloadable language-teaching
materials. All printables are originally created by our members, and are
in fully editable doc/ppt formats. By July 2011 our resource library grew to over 8000 worksheets, and is growing fast by the day so it's worth checking back every now and then.

I am looking forward to receiving your kind reply.

Yours truly,

Peter Laszlo
ESL teacher, Xantus High School, Budapest
Arjana said…
Dear Peter,
thanks a lot for your comment and the link. Your website is a fantastic resource for teachers and students and I'd be really glad to share the link to it on Moja matura. As you can see from the post above, I'm in Seattle right now so I'll do it next week. Perhaps we could also find some other ways of working together. My email address is and you can always find me on Twitter (@abfromz).
all the best