Week 44: The "I Made It Moment"

It’s been a phenomenal, once in a lifetime learning journey - my Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship. It’s been an amazing year filled with friendships for life, laughter and joy, reunions and get-togethers, cheerfulness and bliss. But it's also been quite a challenging year marked by nostalgia, lonely nights, tears, disappointments and frustration. It's been a year of determination and perseverance. And courage. And  I made it happen.


alessandra said…
Dear Arjana, I think you are amazing! Looking at your beautiful smile in all your pictures, it is quite difficult to think that you might have had moments of frustration, but I can imagine how tough it must have been and how hard you must have worked. But, as you say, you made it and this is not of many people! Congratulations from the deep of my heart!