Climate Action Project

I'm delighted to take part in a global project empowering students to address climate change. Climate Action involves more than 250 schools from 64 countries. Students in these schools will work together to raise awareness and to find ways how to tackle the issue of climate change.

So far I have launched or participated in a number of international projects on such a large scale, (e.g. my award-winning project Greetings from the world involved 27 schools from all the 6 continents), and in all my projects I encouraged my students to come up with  their own ideas. Still, I was there, their guide by the side, directing them in the way I thought was the right way!

However, in the Climate Action Project, we teachers intend to get out of their way completely - we want  our students to have their say in all the stages of the project. My plan is to make myself invisible and let my students be responsible for their learning and take ownership of the project and its outcomes. During the 4-week project I will not prepare any lesson plans, but instead I'll let them organize the lessons any way the want. Teaching less and learning more, that's my goal. Yes, indeed, this means getting out of our comfort zone, but of course, I'll be there for them all the time. We'll extend our class time in OneNote so that we're connected whenever necessary. We'll also be connected via OneNote with other students and award-winning educators who are taking part in this project.

Climate Action project is the brainchild of Koen Timmers, a Belgian teacher who was a top 50 finalist for the Global Teacher Prize. His last undertaking, the Human Differences  project, provided students with the opportunity to address the walls, both real and metaphorical ones, that divide us.

 Here is the list of all the schools and teachers taking part in this international project.

Follow this blog and our project website to see how we're empowering our students from all over the world to fight the challenges of today's world and build a better future for all, as stated in the Global Goals by the United Nations.