My 10(-ish) Year Blogging Anniversary

by Annie Lackey
I just noticed that I've been blogging for 10 years and 6 months! I forgot to mark the 10th anniversary, but it's never too late to do so. Some stats:
I've written 334 blog posts, received 371 comments,  my blog has been visited 134,121 times, I have 58 followers, most of my readers come from the US.
I've written about traveling quite a lot, both  as a tourist and as a teacher traveling for educational purposes (conferences, school exchange visits, etc.) and also about teaching with technology. I don't know how many miles I've traveled, maybe there's an app for that!

My most visited post is First lesson, new students and no computers, followed by Tech Tools To Boost Verbal Thinking. My least visited post, with only one view is Easter Sunday in Galway (I still think it's a well-written post about a beautiful Irish city).

When I started this blog I used Picassa for sharing photos, but as Google discontinued this service my photos in my blog posts can't be accessed anymore. But they are not lost, they are still online in Google's Album Archive. Hopefully one day I'll have more time to update  all the broken links.

Over the past 10 years I blogged more or less frequently, sometimes 19 times in a month, then nothing at all for months. However, being curious as I am, and eager to play with other blogging  options, I've also blogged on other platforms, for different reasons and purposes: Wordpress: here, here, here and even here, Adobe Spark, Jimdo, Tumblr here and here, also another Blogger here. But Traveloteacher was my first blog and I've always come back to it. So happy anniversary, dear Traveloteacher diary.