Gloggings from.... the world

Every now and then my students are assigned a task to create posters on different topics. Some of them turn out great and are then displayed in the classroom for a while, but all of them end up in the waste paper basket at the end of the school year.

I'm happy to announce that web 2.0 has brought an end to these ecologically unconscious habits. Glogging is a new game in town. Edu.Glogster is an amazing tool that enables students to create online posters. It's easy to use and can be embedded in a blog, wiki or website.

I believe that glogster is a great collaboration tool that allows valuable cross-cultural communication. That's why I've set up a new project called Gloggings from ... the world. Students of all ages and from all parts of the world are invited to create online posters about their country, which will be published in the wiki I created specifically for this purpose. Their glogs are similar to postcards or greetings that we send when traveling (or better: used to send before the Age of the Internet).

Students show us what their country is like through their eyes. They tell us what travel books can't. And we can make it happen. Let's collaborate. This is what web 2.0 is about.

What do you think? I'm looking forward to your comments and tweets.


Valentina said…
I like the wiki merged with glogs ;-)
Greetings to you all!
Few days ago (as you know I finished off my TESOL newsletter column on this tool) and the top 2 ideas I listed were
"Get learners to create their own online interactive glogsters combining text, images, videos and audio:
• to share aspects of their life with peers or with learners in another country
• to organize a school trip or a tourist outing"

So I couldn't agree more. Looking forward to keeping an eye on this, very inspiring.
Kelli said…

Your idea sounds wonderful and I can't wait for my students to be a part of your project!
Kelli said…
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