Highlights of 2011

What an incredible year 2011 has been for me and my professional development! While I was nothing more than an ordinary yet enthusiastic lurker in 2010,  I  dared and I did in 2011!

Despite being a shy presenter I plucked up the courage to present at two ELT conferences and a Teach Meet and I gave a talk on new technologies in education to teachers in two schools in Zagreb.

I'm extremely proud of the series of webinars for students that Sonja and I launched in the spring. There were 13 webinars that I co-hosted and/or presented at and they proved to be extremely successful, useful and popular among the student population. Besides student webinars, I delievered two webinars for teachers, entitled School Without Walls and Safer Internet Day - How They Do It. I was a co-presenter at the webinar about the Microsoft Partners in Learning Institue 2011.

The highlights of the year have been by far the two TeachMeets  that I co-organized and co-hosted with Sonja and Bart. The first one was aimed at Croatian teachers, the second one was international with 22 presenters from 15 countries.(See the video clip below)

So that makes 23 presentations in one year! Not bad for a shy presenter, huh?

In 2011 I finally had a chance to meet many great educators in person - Vicky, Eva, Chiew, Chuck, Vladimira, Ann, Ania, Anna, Ceci, Sue, Brad, Fiona, Dan, Kelli, James..... I've been lucky enough to have met some of my Twitter and Facebook friends twice - Fiona, Shelly, Marijana, Cheryl, Beyza, Isil, Valentina, Sue, Denize, Luke, Rakesh, Ania, Ken, Julie....  and even three times - Jugoslava,  Dede, Tatiana, Jan and Bart.

The world has become a small place, literally! It doesn't matter where they are - we're in touch - be it virtually or f2f! Nothing is impossible any more. At least not when it comes to travelling. Of which I've had my share in 2011 - I've travelled to Egypt, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, the US, Greece and France. Not bad for someone who is just a teacher, huh?


Jeannette James said…
And next Australia? ;) One is never "just' a teacher. We all hold many roles, friend, wife, daughter etc. Wrapped up in our roles as educators are that of a confidant, innovator, personal assistant, peace maker, observer, data collector, nurse, counsellor and engagement enticer! Being an educator in children's lives can be for many, a very positive, guiding and steady influence. In Finland, educators are as highly regarded as doctors. I love that teachers can pop on so many different hats so effectively. Thanks for all you do for the children (and educators of the world)! Hope to see you soon 'down under' -Happy new year!!
Arjana said…
Thank you for your wonderful comment on teaching and teachers, dear Jeannette! I totally agree with you on what you said about teachers and the roles that they put on. I'd only like to add that more often than not what teachers do often stays within the walls of their classrooms. This is what we should change and I believe we can manage to do that by connecting with each other, by collaborating and by letting our voices be heard.

Australia has been on my wish list for years! I do hope that one day soon I'll have the chance to travel "down under".
Happy new year :-)
Marijana said…
Wow, what can I say than this! It certainly was a great year for everybody and you especially. I am so glad you came out of the "lurker shell" cause you really contributed a lot to the ELT comunity! Thank you for that. And, if you ever go "down under" take me with you. I hope this is ok with Jaenette! :)
Arjana said…
Marijana, I'm all in! Let's go :-)
Chiew Pang said…
And may 2012 be twice as great! It was wonderful to have met you & your family - it's a memory we all cherish.
Brad Patterson said…
Great meeting you to Arjana. 2011 was the year of PLN for me. So happy to be on the journey with you and so many others ;-)
Janet Bianchini said…
Arjana, What a wonderful year you have had, and what a difference you have made to so many of your lucky students and fellow educators! No way can I believe you used to be a shy presenter, as you are such a natural in front of the video camera.

May 2012 bring you even more joy, together with personal and professional fulfillment. I hope we will have the chance to meet each other in person in 2012!

Happy New Year!
Anna said…
it's been an amazing year!! Arjana, I"m very happy to have met you, to present at TeachMeet (which I"m more than eager to do more, you know!)), to be together in iTDi! You're showing a fantastic example!
And wow - I'm impressed with the travelling bit!!
I hope to meet in 2012 and not once)
Enjoy the holiday time!

Ann L
Arjana said…
Thank you guys for your kind words! It feels wonderful to be connected in both worlds, doesn't it? I'd also like to add that nothing can match that amazing feeling I got when I met you for the first time in real life, Chiew, Brad and Ann and Marijana - it seemed as if we had been friends forever - not only virtually, but in real life as well! Even though I saw you for the first time, you were absolutely no strangers to me! I'm sure it'll be the same when I meet you too, Janet - and I'm sure we'll be given a chance. After all -we live so close to each other!
Jeannette James said…
How lucky are the students of 2012 entering not only into their community learning environments but a global one as well. Enrichment plus! Yes. For sure, visit Australia! My long time penpal Margo from The Netherlands has been twice and loves it! We have been in contact for over 25 years as school kids via letters then email and now current social media :)
Arjana said…
You're so lucky to have a penpal who you can meet f2f even though you live in different parts of the world!

I strongly and sincerely believe that it's up to us to make things happen and to make our dreams come true. Nothing is impossible :-)
Janet Bianchini said…
I really do hope so, Arjana that the chance to meet face to face will come soon. I'm already looking forward to meeting and seeing you virtually in March!!