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Malmo, Sweden

I'm delighted to hear that there's another faithful reader of this blog. This really makes me more enthusiastic about writing it. So, Marianne and Sanja, keep on doing it for me.

It's been a while since I uploaded photos from Denmark and Sweden.

Let me tell you more about this trip. In May 2008, Croatia Airlines introduced a new direct flight to Copenhagen, so we decided to trade the pleasant warmth of the Adriatic for the cold and rainy Northern Europe. As the prices of accommodation were unreasonably high in Copenhagen, we booked a room in Malmo, a cute little town on the Swedish side of the magnificent Oresund Bridge. There was a Food festival going on in Malmo at the time of our visit, so we had the opportunity to taste somewhat strange, but truly scrumptious food from all over the world. Malmo's Vastra Hamnen (Western Harbour) with its magnificent Turning Torso is stunning. I could live there, were it not for the long cold winters.

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Early January in Zagreb