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The Lakes of Killarney or the Ring of Kerry?

At first we thought we can easily squeeze both in our tight itinerary, especially since the Lakes are part of the Ring of Kerry, and then drive to Cork, see the sights and on to Waterford for the night. It turned out that such a schedule was absolutely impossible, so we put the Ring on our next time list.

The Ring is about 200 km long, and one day is hardly enough to see its amazing beauty. The upper part, the Lakes of Killarney, is also part of the Killarney National Park. Its most famous spots are the Muckross House and the Abbey, The Torc Waterfall and the Ladies View, or to be sincere, these were the ones we saw.
Now if I had to decide which of these was the most beautiful, I'd say it's the Muckross House with its lush gardens. The coolest, though, was at the Ladies View, because it was there of all the places we visited in both Northern Ireland and the Republic, that we saw this world-famous leprechaun signpost. Speaking of leprechauns, you know what you should never do i…

The craic was mighty in Killarney

Having the craic was a must, or actually, to find out what this strange word really means. So it was in Killarney, a touristy town in the south, that we went on a pub crawl. So to speak. The problem was that we had our two kids in tow. Under 18's are absolutely not allowed in pubs. It wasn't a big deal for my older son who was only four months shy of his 18th birthday, but the younger, who's 14, just couldn't pass as a grown-up.

And we simply didn't want to leave him alone in the hotel room. No one wanted to babysit him. We all wanted to have the craic. So we put a baseball cap on his head, and told him not to look people in the eye. OMG; as I'm writing this, I'm thinking what despicable, lousy parents we are!!!! So if anyone, anywhere is reading this, please leave a comment, and tell me what we did was just what all the other parents would do in this situation. Or tell me we should be sued. In which case I'll delete this entry.

Anyway, we did it, our cl…