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iBook Author at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels

Two weeks ago I  received an invite to take part in the course on how to create interactive textbooks with iBook Author. Even though I have no experience with Apple products and even though my school doesn't have the money to invest in iPads and even though the people at the Croatian Ministry of education still don't see the necessity of teaching with technology, I accepted the offer wholeheartedly and flew to Belgium on Sunday to attend the course. As a true lifelong learner I enjoyed every minute of this intensive learning opportunity at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels.

The course was led by Kurt Klynen, a teacher and Apple Distinguished Educator, whose expertise, friendliness and support helped me get the hang of Apple products. Actually, I didn't only get the hang of Apple! Apple really took my fancy and I do, really do honestly, truly hope that one day .... soon... I'll be able to use iPads with my students...(hopefully this post will be read by a good soul …