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QuizSlides - a stylish interactive test creator

Last year my students did a webquest on English speaking countries. They showed their findings in presentations that they delivered to their peers in the classroom. I uploaded some of their presos to my Slideshare account (I still have more than a half to upload). One of their tasks was to create interactive quizzes in power point, which are absolutely meaningless on Slideshare.

However, last week I  came across QuizSlides, a great tool for ppts. QuizSlides enables you to keep interactive ppt multiple-choice quizzes interactive. QuizSlides is still in Beta and it's still free (The authors are planning to introduce premium features in the future, unfortunately.)

But for the time being we can take advantage of this nice tool. I created a ppt quiz based on the questions made by my students in their presentations and uploaded it to QuizSlides. Then I took the test myself to mark the answers. I got the embed code, but for some reason, it doesn't seem to work.

There are two differe…