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Weeks 23 & 24: Snow

Spring semester started last week, even though spring seems to be far, far away. It's been snowing on and off for days now, with temperatures below freezing. It looks nice and peaceful now, but more snow is forecast for the beginning of next week as well as a "historic" blizzard, so as I can see on the news, people are stocking up on food and other supplies.

Again, the first week of the semester was reserved for observing classes and selecting the ones that are most relevant for us. My choices are Learning Design Studio, which "examines a range of skills, processes and theories for designing and developing interactive educational materials" and Disruptive Technologies with the focus "on the application of social theory to emerging and disruptive technologies in teaching and learning". 
At the beginning of the semester I had a fantastic opportunity to listen to and meet in person Dr. George Siemens and Dr. Dragan Gasevic, who is originally from Serbia b…

Week 22: New York, New York

I spent my winter break with my nearest and dearest at home in Croatia. It felt like a dream to be home again after four months.

Naturally, it passed in a flash and I soon had to return to State College. My stand by trip was nerve-racking as it always is. It seemed that half of the world population was heading to the US and that I'd never get a seat. But I did. I got a seat on the flight to New York City and from there I planned to take the bus to SC on the same day. However, it happened that during that particular week NYC hotels were unbelievably cheap so while I was airborne, my husband booked a room for me in a hotel just a few steps from Times Square. What's more, when I landed, not only did I have a room booked, but also a bus ticket to SC bought, my American phone refilled and a screenshot of how to get from the airport to the hotel sent to my email. Because I have the best husband in the world.

Photos from NYC: