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Let them take control!

Recently I discovered Getkahoot,  a classroom response system that completely engages every single student, without exception, even those who are always reluctant to do whatever I tell them to do. Getkahoot fully captures their attention and what's more, not only do they want to answer the questions in the quizzes I prepare for them but they also want to make their own quizzes! Of course, I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. And used it to make a boring lesson from the textbook exciting and fun.

The lesson was about the scientists of the 20th century and my students created their own Kahoot quizzes about it. As I strongly believe that they must have a choice when doing a task, I didn't tell them what they should do -OK, I gave a few hints, like they could create vocabulary quizzes or a reading comprehension quiz about any of the scientists mentioned in the book, or about any other scientist they know and like. I also told them they could make flashcards with Quizlet or…