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Learning from students

Isabella was the only student from my school who took part in StudentsMeet last week. Her 4-minute presentation was about Windows Movie Maker. She gave the same presentation to Comenius students who were visiting our school a month ago. She made it clear that this user-friendly video editing tool will enable us to make great movies - quickly and easily.
Windows Movie Maker Basics, IX.gimnazija, Zagreb
View more PowerPoint from stuteachmeet Isabella talked about it with such ease that she inspired me to give it a try. And here's the result: my first movie ever. It's far from perfect, but I really enjoyed making it. The bottom line is that if it weren't for Isabella and her inspiration, I would have never made it!

StudentsMeet: Teaching the teachers

We did it today! We switched the roles and we gave our students a voice. We gave them the opportunity to teach the teachers and to share their ideas and experiences with their peers from across Europe. And thanks to their enthusiasm and commitment, their competence and expertise, today's StudentsMeet session was a great success!

The students from 10 high schools from the UK, Belgium, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Italy and Croatia gave fantastic talks about different topics that they're interested in: Internet safety, Tumblr, Facebook, voluntary work in Morroco, 3D printers, movie makers, globalization, digital media, SOPA, online gaming, mobile phones... They have shown what great teachers they are and how much we can learn from them. I'm delighted to have had this wonderful opportunity to be there with them this morning.