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Over the past years we have witnessed the transformation of education 1.0 to education 3.0. Not only witnessed! Along the way we – teachers and students – have actively participated in the process of change, we have brought and will continue to bring new ways of learning into our classrooms. 
Together we have transformed the roles of teachers and students: 
    -  from Education 1:0 where teachers were lecturers and know-it-alls and where students were passive onlookers and receivers of information; 
     - through Education 2:0 where teachers were moderators and facilitators who showed the right direction to students who were active participants and consumers of information 
     - to where we are right now in Education 3.0: there where the line between teachers and students is blurred, where we are all learners, discoverers of information, producers of new content and creators of new knowledge.

But not only that! Today's teachers and students are social networkers who use social me…