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Video Listening Quiz: Step into Christmas

Elton John: Step Into Christmas

Video listening quiz: Monday Morning

Hope you all have a wonderful Monday morning!

Melanie Fiona: Monday Morning


Can you find me?

My Capetown

It's been more than a week since I came home from Capetown where I attended the MS Worldwide Innovative Education Forum. There are different reasons why it was an out of this world experience.

Firstly, my project Greetings from the world made it to the finals in the Innovation for Collaboration Category. This is the best result ever achieved by a Croatian teacher at a worldwide competition. However, this project is not strictly Croatian, it's rather global in the true sense of the world, and I'm just a member of a team of exceptional innovative teachers who love this project.

Secondly, who doesn't like to travel? I have a strong passion for travel and this was an amazing opportunity for me to travel to South Africa for the first time. Seeing Cape Town at the foot of the stunning Table Mountain , its many depressing townships, the Cape of Good Hope, pretty proteas in bloom, cute little penguins which I couldn't swim with, as well as the excellent South African wine wa…

The finalists

The Partners in Learning Worldwide Innovation Education Forum held in Cape Town last week was a true celebration of enthusiastic, inspiring and passionate teachers.

These are the finalists and the award winners in four different categories:

The Innovation in Collaboration Award The finalists are:
(I'm proudly one of them)

And the winners are:

Best Practice:
Martin Ryum and Mette Hauch, Denmark: Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone
First Runner-Up:
Jan Webb, UK: Working in a Classroom Without Walls
Second Runner-Up:
Ian Fogarty, Canada: Xenotransplant Debate
Anna Karlsson, Sweden: ICT Enriched Learning

The Innovation in Content Award
The finalists are:

And the winners are:
Best Practice:
Pat Yongpradit, USA: Game Programming with the Microsoft Zune to Promote High School Women in Technology
First Runner-Up:
Adriana Silva de Oliveira, Brazil: School on the Cloud
Second Runner-Up:
Peter de Lisle, South Africa: Biodiversity

The Innovation in Community Award The finalists are:

And the winners are:
Best Practice: