Kennedy Space Center

After a huge all you care to eat breakfast at Ponderosa we headed to Cape Canaveral.
It turned out that the Kennedy Space Center was in fact another theme park. Yet, it was fun to be there where people have been launched into space. It was an unbearably hot day and the air conditioning in the facilities was set to an unbelievably low temperature, which meant that when out, you were boiling and when in, you were freezing, literally.

The bus tour of the center is a good way to see what it is all about. The historic launch of Apollo 8 in the Firing Room Theater is also worth seeing. Actually, you have to run from one show to another because you just want to see everything since you paid a lot for it. Yes, everything is 'astronomically' expensive. All we bought in the souvenir shop were some magnets. But they had some nice things there, really. One of them was a T-shirt with 'I need my space' on.

After validating our tickets we visited The Astronauts Hall of Fame in the neighbourhood. It was even more fun for the kids who went on rides in flight simulators.