My first WebQuest

After six weeks it feels good to be home and online. Not that I wasn't online at the seaside, on the contrary, I spent hours and hours on blogging, commenting and discussing various topics from teaching pronunciation to multiple intelligences for my Webskills Building Course, offered through the American English Institute of the University of Oregon.

The course is not over yet, but my final project is complete and ready for marking. (Yes, in order to get the certificate we need to complete the course with a pass rate of 70% or higher and our work is marked on a weekly basis by our mentor. And yes, I'm going to pass with flying colours, I guess, because right now at the end of Week 9 my rate is 104%, because I did some extra work for extra credit:-)

Anyway, my project is a webquest, which I have never done before and I can't wait to implement it in my classroom in October. It's called Cultural Profiles and students are supposed to find info on various aspects of 6 English speaking countries.


Arbi said…
Dear "Marjana",

You sure will pass and with a distinction, too;-) You have shown qualities of a leader in educational technologies and as I said somewhere in Nicenet or my blog, you have been an inspiring reference to most coursemates. So, let me congratulate you on your success.

I find this blog of yours very interesting. The links are just great and I will gradually explore them. By the way, the pictures of your Tennessee odyssey are awesome.

Arjana said…
Dear Arbi,

thanks for your kind words!
I'm sure you will pass with flying colours too, as I know that you too have been working really hard and with lots of passion.

Today was our last day and it feels kinda strange not to have any assignments to do, blog posts to publish, comments to write, issues to think about... and I miss it already. Do you?

Keep in touch!