I'm an Innovative Educator and I'm going to Cape Town!

What a respectable siganture! I still can't believe that I'm one of those who will have the opportunity to meet innovative educators from all over the world. What's more, I'm one of them!

What have I done to deserve this? I just came up with an idea - and these fabulous teachers were kind enough to join me with their students.
They are Innovative Educators and I wish they all went to Cape Town with me!

Viviana Alayo, Colegio Machado de Assis, Joinville, Brazil
Candace Townsley, Owasso Public School, Owasso, Oklahoma, USA
Valerie Burton, West Jefferson School, Harvey, Lousiana, USA
Dan Roberts, Saltash Community Schools, Saltash, UK
Eva Büyüksimkeşyan and Culya Yapici, Esayan Armenian High School, Istanbul, Turkey
José Romão,Colegio de Alfragide, Alfragide, Portugal
Clara Vieira, Escola EB 2,3/S de Vale de Cambra, Portugal
Monika Hardy,Thompson Valley HS, Loveland, Colorado, USA
Shannon McClintock Miller, Van Meter Community Schools, Van Meter, Iowa, USA
Judy Uhrig, Latham Elementary School, Winston-Salem, N. Carolina, USA
Shyam Sunder Malhotra, St.Simran School, Patiāla Area, India
Vicki Palmer, Brisbane Grammar, Brisbane, Australia
Rositsa Mineva, The Fifth Primary School, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
Heidi Musterós, Colegio Goethe, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jesstern Rays, Catholic High School, Singapore
Gyöngyi Tóthné Bán, Primary School Balatonboglár, Balatonboglár Hungary
Clara Gutierrez, Westwood Elementary School, Houston, Texas, USA

5 continents, 14 countries, 18 schools, 19 teachers, 290 posters and 420 students


Janet Bianchini said…
Dear Arjana

Many, many congratulations!! What an absolutely fantastic achievement. You have done so much to deserve this accolade, and the fact that your idea has inspired a global response is utterly awesome.

Sending you a virtual hug and a huge round of applause from Abruzzo.

Best wishes

Arjana said…
Dear Janet,
thank you very much for your kind words. I think it's all because of Twitter and the wonderful members of our PLN. Actually, it all started with Shelly's tweet about a fantastic tool called Glogster....
All the best
Arbi said…
Dear Arjana,
I'm so happy you've been selected to spread your innovative teaching ideas in South Africa. I'm quite sure teachers would learn a lot from you out there. During the Webskills course, you were somewhat a lighthouse to us all.

Arjana said…
Dear Arbi,
you're so kind! Thank you very much. It was my deep pleasure to learn with and from educators like you. I admire you for everything you've been doing with your students and I hope that one day our two schools will collaborate. What do you think?
All the best
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La mejor representante para estar en Sudafrica eres tu amiga.

SUERTE y ya eres una vencedora
Hi Arjana

I put this article in my blog ok
I copied ok
sunrise651 said…
Hi, Arjana!

My students and me are supporting your project which is really great, simple but GREAT and shows to the world that good thinks can happen when people come together with a positive attitude. Glogster is really a great tool for teachers and students, so good luck in Capetown. We are with you!
Thanks for adding me in your list of Innovative Educators, I'm proud of that!!!

Rose from Bulgaria